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Office Add-in

To help lawyers track their time and browse existing Matters and documents, we created an add-in for Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Power Point.
To read more on add-in installation, click here.

Using the add-in on in Office applications

Add-in is available in both online and desktop versions of these Microsoft’s products.
To enable the add-in in online versions choose Insert menu item, and click on Office Add-ins. A dialog will appear, and under Admin managed tab, you’ll find Matter365 add-in. Select it, and click add down at the bottom.
Opening the add-in in Word Online

The process of enabling the add-in in desktop versions of Microsoft’s products is similar. Choose Insert meny item, and under My Add-ins choose See All… menu item. It will open a dialog like the one on the image above, and under Admin managed add-ins, you’ll find Matter365 add-in. Select it and click Add to confirm.
Enabling add-in in desktop version of Word
There are 2 tabs in Matter365 Office add-in: Stopwatch and Matters.

Stopwatch add-in tab

Stopwatch tab shows the timer and time tracking items you already have recorded in Matter365. Main timer play icon will start a timer for a new activity. X icon in main timer will cancel current time tracking shown on it.
You can also re-start timer on the existing activities by clicking play button next to their time. Activities with this option disabled are already invoiced, so they cannot be edited.
Stopwatch add-in tab
After you pause the timer for tracking a new activity, a dialog will appear and you can connect it to a Matter you worked on.
Stopping the timer and connecting tracked activity to a Matter
After saving them, time trackings added through add-in can be found in Matter365 web application as well as in the add-in itself. Next to time tracking items in the add-in, there are icons to edit time tracking details (pencil) or delete time trackings (thrash can). Records with these options disabled indicate activities that are already invoiced for, hence they cannot be changed.
Options to edit or delete time tracking record

Matters add-in tab

Matters tab shows all of the Matters existing in Matter365, with option to search or sort them by ID (showing either newest ones, or oldest ones first).
Matters add-in tab
You can also browse through Matters and see the documents in any of them.

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