Add-in Installation Guide

Add-in Installation Guide

Add-in Installation Guide

Matter365 transforms Office 365 into a matter-centric practice management service. To do this we have a couple of add-ins that need to be set up. One is to enable you to use our service in Outlook. The other will be installed in your Microsoft Office.
Before starting the setup, please check that you have an Office 365 Business account. These include Office 365 Business Premium, Enterprise E3 and Enterprise E5.
Matter365 add-ins can be set up only with the account of Office 365 administrator in your company. If you are a solo attorney that will most often be your account. In other cases, it may be the person that manages Office 365 for your company.
Now that you have the Administrator account access please follow the instructions below.

The add-in files attached at the bottom of this article are:
You will need these files downloaded to complete the installation. 

Open the Office 365 Admin panel:

Click Show all in the left-hand side menu:

Expand Settings and click on Integrated apps:

Then click on Add-ins:

Click on Deploy Add-In:

Click Next:

Click on Upload custom apps. If you haven't downloaded the files from the bottom of the page, please do you will need them for the next step.

On the next screen select I have the manifest file (.xml) on this device and attach the files you have downloaded and click Upload

  Define who can access the add-in. Either select Everyone or define groups for whom do you wish to enable the Office add-in:

Success! Office add-in is now available to all of Matter365 users of your organization.
You can now repeat this process to upload the other manifest file to enable the other add-in as well.

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