Migrating your law practice from a legacy platform

            The process of migrating over to Matter365 from a legacy system is fairly simple and here are the suggested steps of doing it:
            1. Export contacts and matters information from a legacy system – our recommendation is to migrate all of the contacts you have across the company, but to revise all of the matters you have and decide which ones you will need on your new platform. Although you can also migrate all of them, here we would recommend migrating only active matters.
            2. Import contacts – contacts can be imported to Matter365 either from your Office 365 address book, or from an Excel file (.xls or .csv). More detailed guide on migrating contacts can be found here.
            3. Import matters – after you have all of your contacts imported, you can create all of the matters you have going on for them. This import is done with an Excel file that should contain all of the matter information and the whole process of migrating matters is explained in more detail here.
            4. Import documents and files – in this step you can migrate all documents and other files to your newly created matters in Matter365. Since all of your files will be stored in your company's OneDrive, migrating documents is a simple drag and drop to an appropriate Matter in Matter365 or in a matter-specific OneDrive folder direcly in OneDrive. If you are dragging and dropping full folder structure of nested folders and documents, we advise you do it directly in OneDrive.
            5. Migrate financial data to QuickBooks Online – if you’re planning on using billing and accounting features of Matter365, you should migrate your financial data to QuickBooks Online. This migration can be done separately from the previous steps, and does not depend on Matter365. We can connect you with certified QuickBooks professionals that can help with making this transition fast and clean.
            By following knowledge base articles linked above, you will have enough info to migrate your law practice to Matter365, however, we’ll be happy to assist you with any of the migration steps and provide migration support if you need it.

            Updated: 03 Jul 2019 09:05 PM
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