Migrating Contacts

            There are two ways of migrating your existing contacts over to Matter365. You can migrate them from your personal Office 365 address book, or by importing a file in .xls or .csv format.

            Importing contacts from Office 365 address book

            Import contacts from Office 365 address book
            On Contacts page, choose Import from Office 365. You will see a dialog with all of your Office 365 Contacts that aren’t already present in Matter365 (criteria for this is email address). If you check Show all option, the list will include even those Contacts that are already added to Matter365. In this dialog, you can select all of the Contacts you wish to import, and click Import at the bottom of the dialog to confirm.
            Selecting contacts for import from Office 365

            Importing contacts from a file

            importing contacts from a file
            On contacts page, choose Import from a file. Dialog like the one below will show, and you can provide a list of contacts in a CSV or Excel file. In the same dialog, in top right corner, you can download sample CSV/Excel files, to see the format you should use while importing Contacts.
            Import contacts from a file dialog
            Please do not change the format of example files, just use them as a template for filling in info about your contacts.
            Display name is the only field that is required, and it has to be unique in your contacts list. Other fields are optional to fill in.
            On the image below, you can see the example of Excel file for import.
            Excel template for contacts import
            If your list of contacts is very long, we advise you split it into separate import files, not bigger than 500 contacts per file.

            After selecting this file as import source, you will be able to manually select which contacts do you want imported, or use select all checkbox to import all of them.
            Selecting contacts to be imported from an Excel file
            After you select all of the contacts you need to import, click on Import button. Loading indicator will show, and import might last from under a minute to a few minutes, depending on the number of contacts imported.
            When the import is finished, your contacts become available to all Matter365 users in your organization.

            Updated: 26 Jun 2019 11:23 PM
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