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To open the Contacts page, select Contacts in the left-hand side main menu.

On this page, you will be able to see the list of the existing Contacts, and for every Contact there is a display name, company name, primary email and phone number, etc.
You can also Add or Remove the  columns on the Contacts page. 
Click on Add/Remove:

And select which columns you want to see on the Contacts page:

You can sort the table by any of those columns, and search in the top left corner will look only into data present in all of the columns.
You can resize the contact list fields to your likings and needs. Simply hover over the line in between the fields and resize the fields:

To see more info about a specific Contact, click on any of the rows in the Contacts table. This will open a page like in the following image.
Single contact view
Different groups of data can be expanded or collapsed by clicking arrow buttons. To edit any of the contact information or delete a contact, use settings button in the top right corner. 
Note that you won’t be able to delete Contacts that are engaged on any existing Matter.
Another useful information on this page are the Engagements for a Contact you are looking at. Here, you will see a list of Matters that this contact was a part of, as well as the role he had in them (Client, opposing attorney, judge…).
More info on Contact types can be found  here.
If a lawyer that is browsing through this page is a member of those Matters, there will be a link to open them. However, for those Matters he wasn’t working on, there will be no link (because he doesn’t have permissions to browse them), but he will still know that Matters like that exist. It will be marked who the owners of these Matters are, so he can communicate with them and ask more about those cases if needed.

Contact Categories

Contact Category is a customizable field, y ou can add Contact Categories in  Settings  and, use them to categorize contacts in your firm by their origin, starts, stage, or anything else you see fit. 
To add values for the Contact Category field go to Settings >  Contact Categories :

Click on Add new Contact Category, input the value you want, and click Save. 

You will see these values in a drop-down menu when you are creating or editing a Contact.

Creating a Contact

To create a Contact, use Create new Contact button in the top left corner.

A dialog like this will appear, the only required field is  Display name and it has to be unique. You can fill in others as well, as you see fit. After you’re done filling in Contact info, use Save button.

Contact display name must not contain \
The character limit for a Contact is 100.
Contact Category must be selected from the drop-down menu.

Contacts import/export

You can also import contacts from your personal Office 365 address book, or from a file. You can see both of those options when you click on the Import button. If you choose Import from a file, dialog like this will show, and you can provide a list of contacts in a CSV or Excel file. In the same dialog, in top right corner, you can download sample CSV/Excel files, to see the format you should use while importing Contacts.
Importing Contacts from a file
If you choose Import from Office 365, you will see a dialog with all of your Office 365 Contacts that aren’t already present in Matter365 (criteria for this is email address). If you check Show all option, the list will include even those Contacts that are already added to Matter365. In this dialog, you can select all of the Contacts you wish to import, and click Import at the bottom of the dialog to confirm.
Importing Contacts from Office 365
Information from fields that exist in Outlook but don't exist in Matter365 will be imported in the "Notes" field. 

To export contacts to your personal Office 365 address book, use Export button. A dialog will show, with all of Matter365 Contacts that you don’t already have in your personal address book. In it, you can select all of the Contacts you wish to export. Click on Export at the bottom of the dialog to confirm.
Exporting Contacts to Office 365
Information from fields that exist in Matter365 but don't exist in Outlook will be imported in the "Notes" field. 

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