Dashboard is a home page for Matter365 users.
            Matter365 dashboard
            Matter365 logo in top left corner is a shortcut that will bring you back to Dashboard, regardless of the page of the application you are currently at.
            On left hand side there is a menu with the most important features of the application you will use on a daily basis. Items of that menu include:

            In top right corner, there are a few shortcuts:
            • Time tracking timer – Quick way of starting a timer for a new activity
            • Stopwatch icon – show/hide time tracking timer
            • Magnifying glass icon – Quick search (it will look into Matters, Contacts and Documents)
            • Plus icon – Quick create (with shortcuts to create new Matter, new Time Tracking activity, new Expense or new Invoice)
            • Gear icon – Matter365 application settings
            • Bell Icon – Matter365 notifications
            • User Icon – Indication of which user is currently signed in and a sign out button
            Tiles on the Dashboard represent different types of data a lawyer would usually be interested in, like:
            • Recent Matters – Five most recently created Matters (clicking on any of them will take you to that Matter’s dashboard)
            • Task Status – Summary of all tasks assigned to you, across all Matters you are a member of
            • Important Links – Shortcuts to Office 365 application you will use regularly, together with Matter365 Conflict check shortcut
            • Time Summary – Stats for the time you docketed today, this week, this month and this year
            In the bottom right corner of the page, there is a Feedback widget that you can use to contact support, start a live chat with support, report a bug or send us your feedback and suggestions.
            It’s also possible to access knowledge base articles through this widget.

            Updated: 07 Jul 2019 06:40 PM
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