If your company is using QuickBooks Online for accounting, you can create and manage invoices from Matter365. To open invoicing page, select Accounting in the main menu on left hand side, and then click on go to Invoices link.

            Matter365 accounting page
            All of the invoices on this page are sorted by their transaction date (creation date), but they can be sorted by any other column. You can also filter them by a specific client, matter, their payment status (open, paid, overdue), delivery status (draft, sync, sent) or with a start date / end date filter.
            Matter365 invoicing page
            Delivery statuses explanation:
            Draft – this invoice exists only in Matter365, it’s probably going to be modified a bit more before sending out to the client.
            Sync – this invoice exists both on QuickBooks and in Matter365. It’s not yet sent to the client, and it can be modified if necessary.
            Sent – this invoice exists both on QuickBooks and in Matter365. It’s delivered to a client, so it can’t be further modified.

            Creating and editing invoices

            To create a new invoice, use Create Invoice button that can be found on invoicing page, time tracking page or expenses page.

            Create Invoice button on invoicing page
            Same as it is on QuickBooks, invoice creation page slightly differs for US and CA users. US users can choose if each of their invoice lines is taxable or not, and they apply a single tax rate to those that are taxable. On the other hand, Canada users can apply different tax rates to different invoice lines on the same invoice.
            Invoice creation page - US version
            Invoice creation page - CA version
            In both versions, filling in invoice info starts with selecting a Matter. On Matter selection, all client information that you already have in Matter365 will be filled in automatically (Client’s name, email, address details).
            Choosing a Matter will populate client info
            You can choose invoice date and due date manually, or apply any of the existing payment terms you have created on QuickBooks (e.g. Net 30, Net 60…). You can also use button Add new term to create a new rule that will be saved for you to reuse it in future occasions, and available on QuickBooks as well.
            Applying payment terms
            To add invoice lines, use Add activity button. A dialog box will show, and all unbilled activities for that matter (time trackings and expenses) will be shown in a dropdown menu. To add them all in one step, just click on Add all button. Otherwise, select one activity from a dropdown and click Confirm.
            If you still haven’t created an activity you want to bill for on this invoice, use Create activity button and create a new time tracking or an expense related to this matter you are creating an invoice for.
            Adding activities to an invoice
            For Canada companies, you will have to select a sales tax for every invoice line.
            Both US and CA companies can apply a discount to their invoices, either in specific amount or specific percentage.
            Expenses you add to an invoice might contain attachments on them. You can choose if you want to attach those files to an invoice you will sync with QuickBooks. If there were more attachments for the same expense line, you can click on an arrow to expand the list of them, and select all of those you want attached.
            When you’re adding a new expense to Matter365, there are amount field and tax field to be filled in. When an expense is added to an invoice, those two amounts are summed up and displayed as amount of that invoice line. Have this in mind while taxating invoice lines that contain expenses.
            Adding attachments, sales tax and discount
            After all invoice items you need are added, taxes and discounts selected, you can choose to add an invoice message or statement message.
            Insert Trust Account info is a button that will generate a helpful message on the invoice, stating previous Trust Account balance, amount to be used, and balance left after this invoice is paid from Trust.
            In cases when a Matter you selected doesn't have a Trust Account created, this button will be disabled.
            To save invoice only in Matter365, with plans of editing it further, click Save draft. To save invoice in Matter365 and also sync it to QuickBooks, click Sync to QuickBooks.
            While syncing the invoice, if a client from that invoice isn’t already created on Quickbooks, Matter365 will create him for you.

            Finishing invoice creation

            All invoices that are in Draft delivery status can be synced to QuickBooks on a click of an arrow button on the right side of the invoice row in invoices table.

            All invoices that are Synced, can be sent to client’s email address on a click of an envelope button on the right side of the invoice row in invoices table.

            All invoices in Draft or Sync status can be edited (pencil button)or deleted (trash can button).
            Invoice delivery statuses and actions

            Recording payments

            To record a payment made on any of the invoices present in the list, simply select the invoice(s) you want to mark as paid and click on Record payment button.

            Recording payment of the invoices
            A dialog will show, and in it you can choose Payment Method (Cash, Cheque, Credit Card or Direct Debit) and a Payment Option (Regular payment or Applying Trust funds).
            in cases when invoice is created for a Matter with no Trust account associated, payment option dropdown will be disabled, and the only option available will be Regular payment.
            in this dialog, you can also choose to change payment date. When you're done with editing payment details, click Confirm.
            Recording payment details

            Exporting invoices 

            To export, select invoices and click Export.
            Exporting invoices to Excel file
            This action will generate and download an Excel file with the selected invoices as rows and the same columns as displayed on Matter365 invoicing page.

            Updated: 10 Jul 2019 10:54 PM
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