How do I grant access to other users?

How do I grant access to other users?

As Office 365 administrator for your organization, you need to do one additional step to give your colleagues a license to Matter365. 

Go to the Main Settings (gear icon in top right corner of the Main Dashboard), select Licenses, and click Grant access to all users. 

This action will give consent to Microsoft to let Matter365 app read Office 365 on behalf of other people in your company. It is a standard consent required for all third-party applications that connect to Office 365.  


It will launch an Office 365 sign-in page and once signed in, you will need to click “Accept”.  After this confirmation, you will need to go back to the Main Settings -> Licenses to add your colleagues. 

Click “Add license button and select people from your company you would like to assign licenses to. 


You can use the same page to add licenses to other people from your organization. 

Make sure you have purchased enough licenses for all the users you are setting up. On this page you can see the number of available licenses, and if you need more, you can get them by visiting Matter365 Settings > Billing Portal. 

Only members of your firm with active “Billing manager” permission will be able to access the billing portal. Permissions can be set in Matter365 Settings > Permissions. 

Take a look at our article about Roles and Permissions for your users: Roles and Permissions 

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