Task management

            For efficient task management, Matter365 utilizes Office 365 Planner app.
            On Matter creation, there will be a separate Plan created for that Matter, and all of the people working on it will be automatically added to it.
            For more info on what is Microsoft Planner and how to get the most out of it, we recommend checking out official Microsoft intro videos, available here.

            Accessing plans

            You can access all of your plans through a quick link on Home dashboard, and you will have all the plans that you are a part of listed there.
            Planner shortcut on Matter365 dashboard

            All plans view in Office 365 Planner
            From here, you can either select a specific plan to see all of the tasks in it, assigned to anyone working on them, or, you can click on My tasks in the left menu, to see all of the work assigned to you, across different Matters you’re a part of.
            Single plan view, showing all tasks from a specific Matter
            My tasks view in Planner
            Shortcut for accessing My tasks is also available on Home Dashboard.
            In Task Status dashboard tile, you will see stats for all the tasks that were assigned to you, across different Matters.
            My tasks shortcut, stats about all tasks assigned to yourself
            On Matter dashboard, stats in Task Status tile will show all of the tasks for that Matter, regardless of the person they are assigned to.
            This tile is used to give you insights about the overall amount of work done, work in progress and work left to do on that Matter.
            Task status on Matter dashboard

            Inviting people from outside of your company to Office 365 Planner

            It’s possible to add people from outside of your company to your Office 365 Group as guest users. They won’t be able to use Matter365, but they will be able to access various Microsoft applications such as Planner, Calendar, SharePoint etc. – if you give them access to. This is a very useful feature if you’re occasionally collaborating with outside associates.
            Remember that you are always in control of what applications those guest users will have access to.
            More info on how to add an external associate to an existing Group can be found on Office 365 official website, here.
            After opening a group in Outlook that you want to invite external guests to, click on the members link in top right corner, and then select Add members.
            Adding a guest user to Office 365 group
            There will be a visual indication of a user being a guest, as shown in the following picture:
            Guest user in Office 365 group
            Now you can assign tasks to the guest user you added, and he can collaborate with you on the selected Matter by solving tasks, or creating new ones.
            Guest user in Office 365 Planner

            Syncing Planner tasks with your Outlook calendar

            After creating tasks in Planner and setting the deadlines for their execution, you might want to push that information to your Outlook calendar. To do that, open Plan options and select Add plan to Outlook calendar.
            Adding tasks from Planner to Outlook calendar
            Select Publish and click Add to Outlook.
            Adding Planner tasks to Outlook
            Outlook for web will open in a new tab and after you click Save, your Plan will appear on the left hand side in Other calendars part of the menu.
            Adding a Plan to Outlook calendar
            From this point on, your tasks created in Planner will be periodically synced to Outlook.
            Please note that in Outlook for web this sync will be happening 1-2 times daily, while in Outlook for desktop it will happen every 10-15 minutes.
            There is a way to force the sync in Outlook for desktop to happen immediately - in Send / Receive tab, select Send/Receive All Folders.
            Forcing the sync in desktop Outlook to happen immediately

            Updated: 02 Sep 2019 05:47 PM
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