Roles and Permissions

            To open the permissions page, click on the gear icon in the top right corner of Matter365 to open application settings, and from that page, choose Permissions.

            Opening permissions page from Matter365 app settings

            This page will show all users from your company, roles assigned to them, and permissions that those roles grant to the user.
            All of the users from your company, and roles they can have

            When we talk about user roles, there are three types of them in Matter365.

            1. Permission manager – this is someone who can open the permissions page and manage roles and permissions for all users in the company.

            2. QBO admin – this is someone in possession of QuickBooks Online login credentials, who can see the accounting page of Matter365, create invoices, statements of accounts, manage trust accounts, and see Billing and Invoicing tabs on Matter dashboard.

            3. Reporting manager – users in this role will be able to see a link to a reporting page in a menu on the left hand side of Matter365 application, and from there, to generate reports.

            Please note that without QBO admin role, the only possible reports to be generated will be Work in progress report and Docketed hours report. In order to generate Account receivable reports or Billing reports, users would need QBO admin role as well, since the data in those reports is pulled from QuickBooks.

            Additionally, on this page you can combine permissions each of the roles should grant to the user.

            By default, every role will have one permission attached to it, and above we explained what each of them does.

            Permissions each role will grant to the user

            Updated: 10 Apr 2019 12:21 AM
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