Resolving the sign up issues

            In this article, we will address a few most common issues that might occur during the sign up.
            The requirements for signing up to use our service are:
            1. Having a valid Office 365 license (Business Premium or Enterprise)
            2. Having Office 365 administrator permissions in your organization
            This video shows how you can check what's the type of your Office 365 license, and if you're a tenant administrator for your company's Office 365.

            What if I'm not using Office 365 today or I don't have the right Office 365 plan?

            During the signup on our website, you are asked to fill in this registration form:
            Matter365 sign up form
            In case email address you provide here is one without the Office 365 license, you will see the following:
            Message in case you aren't using Office 365 on the email account provided
            For your convenience, here are the links that will help you acquire the right plan, or sign up for Office 365 trial:
            Buy Office 365 Business Premium in Canada

            Once you acquire Office 365, use your admin's account to sign up on our website and you're all set.
            In case you need our assistance, or you encounter any other issues, please let us know by emailing

            I signed up, but I'm unable to log in to use Matter365

            If after signing up through the website form shown above in this article you were redirected to our login page, it means we created an account for you, and provisioned the specified number of licenses to your company.
            Matter 365 application login (
            However, if you weren't tenant admin of your company's Office 365 subscription you will be unable to log in.
            This is happening due to the deep integration of our app and your Office 365 tenant, that enables high level of automation of your workflows, as well as being able to access all sources of data stored in your Office 365, like documents, tasks, notes, emails etc. - straight from Matter365! For this to be possible, Matter365 and Microsoft need consent from your admin to wire up the integration, and this is just a step during the first login, asking to accept the integration between our systems.

            In case you didn't have Office 365 admin permissions during the signup, please ask your Office 365 admin to repeat the sign up (fill in the sign up form on our website).

            This is the most common reason why you might sign up but be unable to log in, however, in case you need our assistance, or you encounter any other issues, please let us know by emailing
            Updated: 27 Jan 2020 08:55 PM
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