Matter Sources

            On Matter creation, one of the requirements is to select a Matter source. Source represents a channel through which your clients found you and decided to hire you. This information might come useful while choosing the right marketing channels to invest money in, or while running reports inside Matter365 to get better insights about your business.

            Default list of available values for a Matter source includes:
            • Advertisement
            • Event
            • LinkedIn
            • Referral: Client
            • Referral: Attorney
            • Referral:  Friend/Family
            • Twitter
            • Unassigned (default)
            • Walk in
            • Website
            You can also add your own Matter sources, or edit/delete any of the items from the list above. To do so, go to Matter365 application settings and select Matter sources.
            Matter365 application settings
            On this page, you can add new Matter types (Add new button), edit (pencil button) or delete (trashcan button) existing ones.
            Matter sources page
            Please note that you won’t be able to delete a Matter source that is being used on any of the existing Matters.

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 04:50 PM
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