Document Management

            Matter365 offers a simple and intuitive way of creating and managing documents across different matters and sharing them between team members.

            Accessing documents

            You can access Matter documents in several ways:
            Different ways of accessing Matter documents in Matter365
            1. Click on OneDrive link from Matter Dashboard – This will open Matter documents in OneDrive in a separate browser tab
            Matter documents opened in OneDrive
            2. Click on Documents menu item on Matter dashboard, or go to Documents link on Matter dashboard – this will open Matter documents inside of Matter365 app.
            Matter documents opened in Matter365
            In both cases, you can add, open, edit or delete documents from the page you’re on.
            You can create new documents by using a New button, or upload them by using drag and drop.

            3. Click on the Documents item, on Matter365 left hand side main menu
            Matter365 document management page
            This option will initially show all documents grouped by matters, and there is a robust search engine available so you can easily find exactly what you’re looking for.
            Search engine on this page will look into Matter names, Client names, document names and text inside of the documents.
            In-document text search works for Office documents, PDFs, and even pictures (reference from Microsoft on image search).
            Please note that there will be some time between creation of a document and the time when it will appear in search results.
            Microsoft doesn’t offer a precise answer in their documentation on what time that is.
            In our experience, newly uploaded documents usually get indexed in a time frame of 30 minutes.
            Searching on this page will provide results grouped by Matters.
            Matter365 document management search results, grouped by Matter
            Clicking on a single document in search results will instantly open the selected document.
            To read more on how to select a default Office documents opening option, see this article: Document Settings
            Clicking on a Matter name will open a page similar to the one you can access from Matter dashboard.
            Matter documents view
            Search on this page will also search for text inside of the documents.

            Document options

            Selecting a single document will provide a new menu with options related to that document such as:
            • Download
            • Delete
            • Move to folder
            • Copy to folder
            • Rename
            • Version history
            If the selected document can be opened with Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote), there will be two more options present:
            • Open (in desktop application)
            • Open Online (in web version of the application
            Document options available upon selecting a document
            More on choosing Office documents default opening option, here: Document Settings

            Filtering documents

            On both Matter documents pages (accessed from Matter dashboard, or accessed from Documents menu item on Matter365 left hand side main menu) it is possible to filter documents by different criteria:
            • Document type
            • Document author
            • Last user to modify a document
            • Document tags
            Filtering documents in Matter365

            Tagging documents

            On both Matter documents pages (accessed from Matter dashboard, or accessed from Documents menu item on Matter365 left hand side main menu) it is possible to tag documents with custom created tags.
            On a plus button you can add a new tag. All tag names you used before, on other documents in other Matters, will be offered here as well, or, if you want to use a tag you’ve never used before, just enter a name for it and press enter.
            Tagging documents in Matter365

            Syncing documents with your desktop

            To sync your Matter documents with your desktop, you need to open a Matter documents page and click the Sync button.
            Syncing documents with your desktop
            A folder will be created for your firm in your desktop OneDrive, and sub-folders will be created for each matter that you sync.
            Synced Matters shown in desktop OneDrive
            After syncing a matter, all future changes online will reflect on your desktop versions of the documents and vice versa.
            In order for sync to happen, connection to the Internet is required. if you don't have it at the moment, sync will occur when the Internet connection is back.

            Updated: 02 Sep 2019 05:17 PM
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