Conflict Check

            Checking a potential new client for a conflict of interest is an important task all lawyers need to do. In order to give you the most reliable insights about this, our conflict check feature is searching through multiple parts of Matter365, as well as through various Office 365 applications you use.

            Summary of the data that is being searched for conflicts is presented below:


            • First name
            • Last name
            • Display name
            • Email
            • Company
            • Display name
            • Matter ID
            • Display names of all Matter Members
            • Display names of all Matter Owners
            • Display names of all Matter Contacts
            • File name
            • Metadata
            • File content (including text recognition in image files)
            Personal mail and group mail:
            • Message subject
            • Message participants (from, to, cc, bcc fields)
              • by first name,
              • last name,
              • display name and
              • email
            • Message body
            • Attachment names and content
            • Message importance
            • Date the message was sent or received
            Calendar events:
            • Subject
            • Body
            • Attendee display name
            • Attendee email
            • Organizer display name
            • Organizer email
            Tasks in Planner:
            • Title
            Time tracking records:
            • Description
            • Sub-item description
            • Description

            You can find conflict check link on Matter365 Dashboard, within Important Links tile.
            Accessing conflict check from Matter365 dashboard
            After you enter a search term, the results will be grouped like in the following picture:
            Conflict check search results
            Another useful place to use conflict check is while creating a new Matter. At that point, you want to make sure there’s no conflict of interest in representing a new client of yours. In Matter creation dialog, you can enter your client’s name, and run a conflict check on the spot.

            Conflict check on Matter creation with no conflicts found
            In case your search term is matched across the data we search for, results of conflict check will be presented in a sidebar.

            Conflict check results during the Matter creation, presented in a sidebar
            Have in mind that this feature will only match the term you search for in all of the places that we mentioned in the beginning of this document. It is up to you to decide if something is really a conflict of interest, or someone’s name was included in search results in a non-conflicting way.

            Updated: 07 Jul 2019 11:03 PM
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