Templates Management

Templates Management

In order to enable template management feature, Office365 admin for your company needs to navigate to Matter365 app settings and select Enable templates link.
Matter365 app settings
After doing so, in Matter365 app settings there is a new option: Go to templates library. What happened behind the scenes is that we created a new template group for you to store your favorite document templates in.
Go to templates library option is available for all of the users from your company that have access to Matter365.
If you click on the link, you will see a new SharePoint folder and be able to fill it in with the templates that you most commonly use.
TemplateGroup on SharePoint
You can access your Document Templates from the Documents page in the left-hand side menu:

You can manage and open your Documents Templates from this page. You have options to upload/download, move, copy, delete and rename the template files. Documents will be opened in the default application client you have chosen (Web or Desktop).

While creating a new document, now you can use any of the templates you previously added:
Creating documents by using a template

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