September 2020 Update

September 2020 Update


  1. Accessing client's Contact Details from the matter dashboard.
    1. Now you can easily access your client's Contact details by clicking on their name in the Matter dashboard. By clicking on Contact Details you will be re-directed to their Contact page where you can edit their information. 

  1. Adding time trackings/expenses on behalf of other users. 
    1. In order to add time trackings/expenses on behalf of other users you have to have Docket Manager enabled in Permissions > User roles:

    1. You can add time trackings/expenses on behalf of other users that are working on the Matter (you can add time trackings/expenses only for users that are listed as Members/Owners on a Matter). Delete your name from the User field and choose a user from the drop-down menu.

  1. Setting default sales tax for time trackings and expenses for CA customers.
    1. You can set a default sales tax for your invoices. Once you set the default tax for time trackings and expenses it will automatically be added to the new invoice lines. Go to Settings > Quick Books Online integration and select default sales tax from the drop-down menu (this setting won't change already created invoice lines, it will apply on the new invoice lines you add).
  1. Time tracking and expenses invoice lines descriptions. 
    1. In Settings > QuickBooks Online integration, you can now choose what information you wish to show in time tracking and expenses invoice lines. While adding invoice lines to an invoice, the description will automatically contain this piece of information.

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