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QuickBooks Online Integration

QuickBooks Online Integration

If you’re using QuickBooks Online for your accounting, you can simplify some of the accounting workflows through Matter365 integration we offer. Setting up trust accounts, creating and managing invoices and generating account statements were never easier, and the only thing you need to do is connect your QuickBooks account with Matter365.

Select gear icon in the top right corner to access Matter365 application settings, and choose QuickBooks Online integration.
Matter365 application settings
On this page, you will see a list of existing QuickBooks companies that were added, or you can add a new one. Use Connect button and follow the QuickBooks wizard that will ask for your credentials in order to authorize you on QuickBooks.
Connecting to your QuickBooks Online company from Matter365
After you have set up your company here, you can start using Matter365 accounting features.

Basic QBO set-up 

See how to set Company settings: How to set Company settings

Setting up payment Terms in QBO

  1. Login in to QBO
  2. Go to QBO Main Settings (Gear Icon in Upper right-hand corner) 
  3. Under “Lists” Headings, click on “All lists”  
  4. Click on “Terms” 
  5. To create new Term, click on “New” in the upper right-hand corner 
  6. To Edit a Term or make it inactive, click on the down arrow on the far-right side (in the “Action” column) and make your selection 
       5. These Terms will now be available in Matter365 when creating an Invoice

Note: if you have used a Term on an Invoice and you subsequently make that Term inactive, you will no longer be able to edit that Invoice in Matter365 

Setting a Default Payment Term
  1. Go to QBO Main Settings (Gear Icon in Upper right-hand corner)
  2. Under “Your Company”, click on “Account and Settings”
  3. Click on “Sales”, and then click on “Preferred invoice terms”
  4. Select from the dropdown your Preferred default payment term
  5. Click "Done"

Turning custom invoice numbers on or off

You can choose if you want to populate the Invoice numbers yourself or if you want them automatically populated. 
If you turn the “Custom transaction numbers” ON you will have to populate the "Invoice number" field each time you create a new Invoice in Matter365.
If you turn the “Custom transaction numbers” OFF the Invoice numbering will be automatic and you won't have to input the Invoice number each time you create a new Invoice. 

To turn the “Custom transaction numbers”  on/off: 
  1. Login into QBO 
  2. Go to QBO Main Settings (Gear Icon in Upper right-hand corner) 
  3. Under “Your Company”, click on “Account and Settings” 
  4. Click on the “Sales” Tab on the far left,  
  5. Click on “Sales form content” 
  6. Click on the toggle switch next to the “Custom transaction numbers” to turn it off or on (Grey is off) 

Setting up credit card payment 

Before you can accept credit card payments in QBO, you will need to sign up for QBO Payments first.  You can find out more here: Payments

Customizing Invoices 

The Custom Form Styles module in QuickBooks Online lets you edit the layout, design, and data fields that appear on your invoices.  For details on how to customize your invoices, please see the QBO article here: How to Customize Invoices

Setting up and editing Sales and Expenses categories 

When creating invoices in Matter365, there are default billing categories for Product/Service that will appear on your invoices. These categories are imported from QBO.  
  1. For time tracking, the default value is “Hours” 
  2. For expenses, the default value is “Expenses” 
You can edit these Product/Service categories by going to Matter365 Main Setting (Gear Icon in upper Right) and clicking on “QuickBooks Online Integration”.  You can change the default value by choosing from the drop-down menus. 
  1. To add/edit categories to your drop-down options in Matter365, you will first have to add/edit the Sales and Expense categories in QBO: 
  2. Go to QBO Main Settings (Gear Icon in Upper right-hand corner) 
  3. Under “Lists”, click on “Products and Services” 
  4. To add more Products or Services, click on “New” and click on “Service” 
  5. Enter the information on the New Service: 
  1.  Name: this is the name that will appear on your invoices and can be used to track your Services in QBO reports 
  2.  Income Account: This is where the amount of services sold will be accounted for as Income.  For services that your firm renders, “Sales” is the best choice.  However, check with your accountant or Bookkeeper to ensure that you have chosen the correct account.  

For any additional questions and information visit QuickBooks Knowledge Base page .

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