Migrating your trial subscription to a paid plan

Migrating your trial subscription to a paid plan

If you received an email about your free trial expiring soon, here's how you can migrate your subscription to a paid monthly/yearly plan.

To get to the billing portal, in the main Matter365 dashboard, select Switch to a paid plan.
Matter365 dashboard
Billing portal is also available in Matter365 settings --> Billing Portal
The first step for migrating your free trial to a paid subscription is to add a card. To add a card click on Payment Methods. Once you've inputted the card information click Add.

The next step is choosing the plan and the number of licenses
Click on the plan name and select Edit Subscription. If the plan you are currently using and the number of licenses match your needs you're all set.
You can also change the plan ( Annual or Monthly) and the number of licenses. Once you've chosen the plan and the number of licenses you need, click the Update Subscription button and you are all set. 

Once your payment method is saved, billing will start automatically when your trial period ends. From that point forward you card will be automatically charged at the end of every billing cycle.
Your billing cycle starts with your first payment. For the Annual plan, your card will be charged every year on the same date. For the Monthly plan, your card will be charged every month on the same day. 

Please note that you can cancel or update your subscription at any time. Click on the plan name, then click on Cancel Subscription. You can cancel immediately or cancel on the next renewal. Your subscription will be canceled once you click Confirm Cancellation.

For any additional questions or help, don't hesitate to contact us: support@matter365.com

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