Migrating Documents

Migrating Documents

Migrate your Documents to OneDrive 

The steps to migrate your document to OneDrive will depend on how you are storing your documents now.  If you have a shared drive where all Matter data is stored, the process will be rather straightforward, and the migration can be done by one person.  If, however, client data is stored in multiple locations (both shared and local hard drives) then these steps must be completed for each location where the data is stored. 

Document Migration - You will select one Matter at a time and migrate all the documents related to that Matter from their current location(s) to the Matter specific folder on OneDrive.  

  1. 1. Open a Matter in Matter365, click on the OneDrive icon under “Important Links” Tile.  The OneDrive specific to that Matter will open in a new tab in your browser.  This is the Destination Folder 

  1. 2. Open a new window in Windows Explorer (File Explorer) to find where the documents for that Matter are stored on your hard drive or shared drive.  This is your Source Folder.   

  1. 3. (Optional) – Create folders in OneDrive Destination Folder to organize the documents that you are going to migrate.  If your folders are already organized or if you don’t want to use folders, proceed to Step 4. 

  1. a. This step assumes that (a) multiple users may have their own organizational structure and you would like to implement a single structure going forward, or (b) you currently store files from the same matter in different folders and would like to keep that structure going forward, but all the folders will now reside in a single matter folder. 

  1. b. If the Source Folder is already organized and you would like to keep that organization, you can select the parent folder and drag and drop it rather than individual documents. 

  1. 4. Select the matter-specific documents in your Source Folder.   

  1. a. Note: If the Source Folder is already organized and you would like to keep that organization, you can select the parent folder and drag and drop it rather than individual documents.  The Folders and any sub-folders and documents will be copied into OneDrive and the folder structure retained. 

  1. 5. Drag and drop the selected documents/folders into the Matter’s OneDrive Destination Folder. 

  1. 6. (Optional) – After moving all your documents to the Destination Folder, click sync button to copy the Destination Folder to your OneDrive Folder on your local hard drive. This OneDrive folder on your hard drive will be automatically synced to the OneDrive cloud. 

  1. 7. Once all the documents for your Matter have been uploaded to OneDrive, choose the next Matter and begin the process again. 

  1. 8. Going forward, ensure that you use the proper document naming nomenclature as recommended for paperless practice.  

  2. NOTES:

  1. a. If you have documents stored in multiple locations/drives, you must complete these steps for each location/drive 

  1. b. Don’t worry about duplicates for now – better to have all documents there (even multiple times) than to miss a few. 

  1. c. Users can perform these migration steps simultaneously

Precedent and Templates

For those documents that you use on a regular basis that are not associated with any specific matter, you can add them to a Template Group Folder as follows: 

  1. 1. On the Matter365 main dashboard, access the Settings (Gear Icon in the upper right-hand corner) then select "Go to templates library" which will open a Template group in OneDrive. This Template Group Folder will behave just as a regular OneDrive folder, and you can organize your templates in folders based on user, practice area, type of document, etc. 

  1. 2. Create subfolders as necessary in the Template Group Folder and copy your templates and precedents to the appropriate folders using the drag and drop process outlined above. 

You can access these Templates from the Document Tab within any Matter by clicking on New, selecting Template, and then drilling down to your specific document.  The Template will then be created and save in the selected Matter and will be ready for editing. 

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