May 2021 Update

May 2021 Update


Gravity Legal integration
With Matter365/Gravity legal integration, you can reduce the administrative work and simplify the billing processes in your company.
  • Send trust deposit requests directly through Matter365
  • Accept payments by credit/debit card or by bank transfer (ACH)
  • Automatically apply payments of trust deposit requests to the client's trust account balance in Matter365/Quickbooks
Trust Deposit Request with Gravity Legal

Improved billing report
You can now generate two types of billing reports:
  1. Billing reports showing work items invoiced in a selected time frame - date filter will pull invoices created in a selected timeframe and report will show all items on these invoices (even if work items themselves were created out of the selected time frame)
  2. Billing reports showing work items created in a selected time frame - date filter will pull all time tracking and expense records created in a selected timeframe, including both WIP that's not yet invoiced, as well as items that are already invoiced (in any time frame).
Now it's easier to track and understand cases where you delivered some work in one month, but invoiced the work items in another month.
New billing report options

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