Matter365 - Service Level Agreement

Matter365 - Service Level Agreement

Matter365 Service Level Agreement 

Commencing on the date that you (“Customer”) begin use of the Matter365 Application (the “Application”), Matter365 Inc. (“Matter365”) will provide Support Services and Service Credits (“Service Credits”) as outlined below. 

Support Resources 

The Knowledge Base, which contains article and explanations on the operation of the Application will be available at all times at: 

Support Services 

Matter365 will provide email and chat support from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time USA, Monday to Friday, excluding national Canadian, Serbian, and U.S. holidays. (“Hours of Operation”).

Support System 

Matter365 uses a ticketing system that enables customers to submit a support ticket. Customers will receive email updates in regard to their tickets as soon as they are processed.   

Support by Matter365 will include:  

  • Diagnosis of the reported problem, 

  • Determination of the root cause of the problem and reporting back to the customer, 

  • Resolving the root cause problem if determined to be related to Matter365 and verifying the solution worked, and 

  • Where the root cause is determined to be due to Microsoft 365 platform or other third-party services, this will be communicated to the customer. Matter365 will not be responsible for resolving Microsoft 365 or third-party software or service issues  

The Support Level Commitments described herein DO NOT extend to errors or other issues caused by: 

  • Any modification of the Application made by any person other than Matter365, 

  • Any third-party hardware or software used by the customer, 

  • The accidental or deliberate damage to, or intrusion or interference with the Application, and 

  • Services, circumstances, or events beyond the reasonable control of Matter365, including, without limitation, any force majeure events, the performance and/or availability of Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers, local ISP’s employed by the customer, or any network beyond the demarcation or control of Matter365 

Scheduled and Emergency Maintenance 

Matter365 systems are designed to allow for a maximum of 5 minutes of downtime   
(outside the Hours of Operation, as outlined above) during the application of patches, and upgrades. If there is a planned requirement to interrupt service, this will be communicated to customers via email 48 hours prior to the event with details about the length of the outage and the affected areas of the service.   

Service Level Commitments - Guaranteed 99% uptime 

Matter365 guarantees that the Application will be available for normal use 99% of any given month.   

For the purposes of determining a Services Incident (a period during which the Application is not available), any internet access point through which a customer may access the Application shall be considered as a point of availability for service.  The Application will be considered unavailable for any period of time during which the End-User(s) is unable to access the Application in any manner.  An incident of Reduced Functionality occurs when any of the standard End-User functionality of the Application is not available for use by the End-User.  

Remedy:  Within 48 hours of the opening of a help desk ticket concerning a Services Incident, Company will determine if an incident qualifies under this Service Level Agreement.  The length of a qualified incident shall be measured as the time between the opening of the help desk ticket and the first attempted notification by Matter365 of the restoration of Application (less any period of time during which the resolution is outside of Company’s direct control).   

In the event of a Service Incident, a service credit calculated as a prorated amount of the Monthly Recurring Charges (“MRC”) from Matter365 to those End-User(s) experiencing the Services Incident will be applied to the customer’s account, in accordance with the following table:     

Service Level Commitment Credits 

Length of Services Incident 

Service Unavailable 

Service Available with Reduced Functionality (Severity 2) 

45 minutes – 4 hours 

Credit of 1 day of MRC  

Credit of 25% of 1 day of MRC 

4  – 8 hours 

Credit of 2 days of MRC 

Credit of 50% of 1 day of MRC 

8 hours or Greater  

Credit of 3 days of MRC 

Credit of 1 day of MRC 




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