June 2020 Update

June 2020 Update


  1. Service date on invoice creation
    1. While adding invoice items, date is now shown and items are sorted by the date, descending
      Visible date while adding invoice items
    2. Invoice items can be sorted by service date
      Sorting invoice items by date
    3. Service date column is now transfered to QuickBooks as well when you sync invoice created in Matter365
      Service date column, populated on QuickBooks side
  2. Storing emails with the same name (for example, from the same email thread) is no longer asking you to rename your .eml file because of the file name already existing in your email folder. Storing an email with the same name will automatically create samename (1), samename (2) etc.
    Storing emails from the same email thread
  1. Microsoft file name constraints are changed. Previously we had a limit of 60 characters in a file name, this is now increased to 400. Also, some of the characters that were forbidden in a file name are now allowed: $ ( ). You can find the full list of character constraints here: https://app.matter365.com/OfficeConstraints
  1. Fixed the problem with invoice discounts not being properly handled in QuickBooks chart of accounts.
  2. Matter description is now searchable in search box in the top toolbar of the application.
  3. Added '500' as a new value in results per page dropdown menu in the following pages: Contacts, Time Trackings, Expenses.
    New value in results per page dropdown menu

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