How do I sync My Tasks from Planner to my Calendar?

How do I sync My Tasks from Planner to my Calendar?

You can add the “My Tasks” from Planner to your Outlook to keep yourself on track.  

Go to “My Tasks” in Planner 
Select, the ellipse “…” next to Schedule at the top and then select Add “My Tasks” to Outlook Calendar’. 


Follow the prompts to “Publish” the Calendar and then click Add to Outlook 


This will launch the online version of your Outlook and you will need to subscribe to the “Planner - My Tasks” iCal feed.  You can choose in which calendar it will be added.  By default, it will add it to “Other Calendars” but you can choose where it will be displayed.  When you have selected the destination, click on “Import” to complete the process. 



Your “Planner – My Tasks” calendar will now be a separate calendar that can be viewed on its own or overlaid on your main calendar view.  You can locate it on the left-hand side under the calendar type you selected in the step above. 

In the online Outlook, it will look like this: 


For the desktop version of Outlook, it will look like this: 



Please Note: The “Planner - My Tasks” and Outlook Synchronization is one-way from Planner to Outlook. New items do not synchronize immediately because Outlook refreshes Planner data via the connector every three to four hours. Unfortunately, there is no way to force synchronization to happen 

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