How do I edit time entries?

How do I edit time entries?

Go to the Time Tracking section in Matter365, find the time tracking you wish to change. 

You can also open the matter you are working on and go to the Time Tracking tab. 

  1. Editing Activity (Time Tracking)

You can the whole Activity by clicking on Edit Activity, where you can edit which matter the Time Tracking is for, User, Billing Rate, Activity Code, Date and Description: 

Click "Save" to finish.

  1. Edit subitem

Click on the arrow to the left of the row to expand the time tracking activity and show it's subitems.  Matter365 will create a subitem every time the timer is started and stoppedThe Time in each of these subitems can be edited. 

Click on the pencil next to the subitem you wish to change.  



When you click on the pencil you will get the Edit subitem pop-up window where you can edit the date and time for that subitem: 


Click "Save" to finish.

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