Default billing rates

Default billing rates

If you are Office 365 administrator in your organization, you can set a default billing rate for all of the Matter365 users in your organization.
To view and change the default billing rates for you or your colleagues, go to Matter365 application settings and select Default Currency and Billing rates.

On this page you will be able to see current default billing rates (if they are set for a specific user) or you can edit them by using Pencil button.
Editing default billing rates
Whenever you track time in Matter365, this value will be used as your default billing rate per hour. You can, of course, change it on spot while adding some tracked time.
Note that a default billing rate set for anyone on a specific Matter will override the value set here. You can see how to set a default billing rate within a matter in this article

Dave Smith has a default billing rate of $100 per hour.
However, for a Matter 573-Adam Darski-Divorce, in Matter settings his billing rate was set to $150.
When Dave Smith selects that Matter while adding a new activity, default value for his billing rate will be $150. He can, of course, change it on spot.
Example illustration

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