Contact Types

Contact Types

On Matter creation, you can choose to add information about various contacts that you know will be involved with that Matter.
It’s required to always add a client, but you can also name other people in different roles here.
Matter creation dialog and different contact types that can be used there
By using plus button, you can add info about more contacts, and by selecting thrash can icon you can delete any of them.

Default list of available values for a Contact type includes:
  • Client
  • Judge
  • Opposing attorney
  • Witness
You can also add your own Contact types, or edit/delete any of the items from the list above. To do so, go to Matter365 application settings and select Contact types.
Matter365 application settings
On this page, you can add new Contact types (Add new Contact Type button), edit (pencil button) or delete (trashcan button) existing ones.
Contact Types page

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