Account statements

Account statements

Matter365 offers creating account statements for any of your clients in a selected timeframe. 
Every account statement you generate will include:
  • Date of account statement generation at top of the document,
  • Your company information in left side of document header,
  • Client information with total unpaid amount to this day for the timeframe selected,
  • All invoices and payments that were created in a selected timeframe. They will be grouped by a Matter they are related to.
To improve readability, paid invoices in account statement will be marked with green color and overdue invoices will be highlighted in red.
To create account statement, start by selecting Accounting from left hand side main menu of Matter365. In Statement of account tile, select any of your existing clients and a timeframe you would like to apply to the generated statement (All, Last 30 days, Last 60 days, Last 90 days, Custom start and end date), and click on Generate and download PDF button.
Generated statement will be downloaded to your PC in PDF format.
Matter365 Accounting page
Generated statement in PDF format will look like this:
Account statement example in PDF format
In case there are some invoices and payments in your QuickBooks Online account that weren’t connected to any of your Matters in Matter365, they will be displayed in a separate table. Name of that table will be “Not bound to any M365 matter”.

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